Wood Grinder Wheel


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For Quick Wood Removal & Shaping

Provides Quick Material Removal 
Easy To Use 
Suitable For Curved Work

➡  Provides Rapid Material Removal
✅  The wood burr grinding wheel is designed for rapid removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas. The sharp teeth quickly remove stock and outlast hundreds of sandpaper pads.

➡  Aggressive Tungsten Carbide Teeth
✅  The shaping wheel features hundreds of extremely sharp tungsten carbide free-cutting teeth, arranged in a regular pattern of rows and columns, which remove stock quickly and stay sharp through extended use.

➡  Wide Range Of Use
✅  The wood burr grinding wheel is suitable for non-metallic and non-hard materials. It is mainly applied to wood and other materials. This great tool can remove small or large amounts of material.

➡  Fast & Accurate
✅  Comfortable, effortless operation, this convenient tool provides rapid material removal, saving you time and effort. It is great for curved work which will not waste any of your materials.

➡  Suitable For Your Powertool
✅  Designed to fit most standard angle grinders of various models. You can easily install this tool on the standard electric angular grinder and then use it without a tedious operation process.

➡  Premium-Quality Steel
✅  Made of tungsten carbide, the wood burr grinding wheel is durable and practical, not easy to break or deform due to sturdy construction.

➡  Specification
✅  Bore Diameter: 16mm (5/8″)
✅  Outer Diameter: 75mm (3″)
✅  Product material: Tungsten Carbide

➡  Package Includes
✅  1 x Burr grinding wheel

Wood Grinder Wheel