Ultrasonic Mist Maker


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Ultrasonic Mist Maker
Ultrasonic Mist Maker

This product releases a large number of negative ions in the process of ultrasonic atomization, combined with the floating smoke and dust in the air, and electrostatically processes its precipitation and filtration, which can effectively remove harmful substances and odors such as formaldehyde, bacteria, etc.

➡  12-LED Colorful Mist Maker
✅  Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger uses the high-frequency resonance of the disc to throw the water away from the water surface to create a natural mist, increase air humidity, and refresh the air.

➡  Ultra-fine Mist Production
✅  Put it in the water then the mist comes out, it gives out ultra-fine and smooth mist which can humidify your living space and moisten dry skin, help to get peaceful sleep surrounded by the aromatic fragrance.

➡  Wide Range of Application
✅  You can put the fountain atomizer in your pond, rockery, fish tank, vase, birdbath, etc. It will create a magical atmosphere. Ideal for indoor or outdoor fountains, water feature, and office use.

➡  Creates A Comfortable Atmosphere
✅  You can add some essential oil you like into this product, and it will emanate the smell of essential oil around the air you live in, refreshes yourself, and provides comfortable and easeful living conditions for you.

➡  Environment Protection
✅  Excellent for dry and hot weather, also great for your skin, especially for women, which will promote air quality meanwhile, air will be much fresh.

➡  Specifications
Material: Abs+Alloy
Rating Voltage: 24v Dc/Ac
Plug Type: Us / Uk / Eu / Au Plug
Product Weight: 200g
Package Size: 13 × 6.5 × 7.5cm

➡  Package Contents
✅  1 × Ultrasonic Mist Maker