Special Iron Nail Thumb Knife


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➡  Have you ever injured your finger picking vegetables? If yes, why not choose this Special Iron Nail Thumb Knife! It is the safest and most convenient garden tool that helps you pick vegetables, beans, and tea without injuring your fingers.

➡  Sharp stainless steel blades make picking quick and easy. A special silicone finger cover is used, and the unique elasticity makes you feel comfortable when you wear it. It protects your fingers from pesticide infection and inflammation. You can use it to pick a variety of vegetables and even pruning branches.


➡  Durable
✅  Made of stainless steel blade and silicone, the blade is sharp and durable. The silicone gloves are soft and thick enough to prevent the blade from hurting your fingers.

➡  Easy Care
✅  Our silicone thumb knife picker is very easy to care for, just clean it with water, then dry it in the shade. Cover the blade lids and keep it away from children.

➡  Strong and Efficient
✅  The special bow blade design makes it easy to cut and labor-saving. Made using grade A stainless steel, it is sturdy and will not bend or break during picking.
✅  The collection efficiency is higher and allows you to harvest a variety of foods from your home garden. At the same time, the anti-cut gloves combine with the thumb to protect your fingers.

➡  Finger Protector
✅  The Special Iron Nail Thumb Knife would be the best finger protector when trimming vegetables for cooking or harvesting fruits. It protects your nails and fingers from injuries.
✅  It will also prevent nail stains after continuous picking and harvesting of vegetables keeping your hands clean. You can easily release hands during picking and increase work efficiency.

➡  Easy To Use
✅  It is very easy to wear, you just need to put the thumb knife on your thumb, put the finger cuff on your index finger, and then you can work.

➡  Pleasant to Wear
✅  With a flexible silicone thumb cover, the fine elasticity makes you comfortable when you wear it. It is suitable for most thumb sizes and does not fall off easily.

➡  Widely Used
✅  The thumb knife is suitable for picking a variety of farm produce. Use it to pick vegetables and fruits such as pepper, beans, strawberries, and grapes. It is suitable for garden twigs trimming and makes the process quicker.
✅  It not only protects nails from injuries but also prevents nail infections and is more efficient than picking by hand.

➡  Technical Specifications
✅  Material: Silicone and stainless steel
✅  Color: Orange
✅  Blade Size: 5.5 mm (L) by 0.53 (W) mm by 0.78 (H)
✅  Finger cover length: 6.5 cm
✅  Weight: 20g

➡  Package Includes:
✅  1 x Special Nail Thumb Knife

Special Iron Nail Thumb Knife
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