Smart RFID Induction Drawer Lock


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✅  One key for multiple locks: You can use one key (RFID card/hanger) to unlock multiple cabinet locks as needed.

✅  Suitable for woven cabins: RFID cards can penetrate thicker wooden boards (up to 38 mm / 1.5 inches), and key fobs are basically handy items with a slight reduction in power, resulting in duplicate keys. Suitable for doors with a thickness of 0 to 1.2 cm, ideal for cabinets, lockers, medical carts, data racks, gun boxes security.

✅  Small size and rugged mechanics: The latches and tongues are made of metal, these are sturdy and durable. Open cabinet doors without touching. RFID cards/tags are portable and easy to store. Provide good security protection for your personal belongings.

✅  Safety: Improve your 👶 child’s safety at home and prevent your child from freely opening drawers or cabinet doors.

✅  Low electromagnetic sum: Once the lock is set, it will indicate a low battery state and a long beep sound after turning on. A long beep means it needs new batteries, at the time the lock can be used another 50 times.

✅  Automatic unlocking: When the battery becomes too weak to operate, the door will open automatically. At this time, the battery must be replaced before the lock can be used again.

✅  Materials
➡  ABS & Metal

📦  Package Contents
➡  1 x Lock Body
➡  1 x Latch
➡  1 x Set Screws
➡  1 x Set RFID Cards (1 x card + 2 x Keytag)
➡  1 x Location Sticker
➡  1 x Metal bezel (can be used for double-sided doors)

Smart RFID Induction Drawer Lock