Sewing Bias Tape Maker Kit


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✅  Our Bias Tape Maker Kit has everything you need to make various widths of bias tapes! It is great for any sewing project, you can create the color you need, the pattern you want, or all lovely design around the edge.

✅  It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It allows you to fold the fabric into perfect halves automatically. It makes the task of making bias tapes easy with a great look. Use it to make a single fold or double fold to fit your design.

✅  The set is a great helper to your sewing work making your work easier and more convenient. You can now create your bias tapes in minutes.

➡  Features

➡  Simple Application
✅  Our binding kit is easy and convenient to use. Pull the fabric through and iron folds it perfectly, ready for sewing on or gluing. It helps you fold the fabric into perfect halves automatically in minutes instead of hours.

➡  Widely Used
✅  The tape can be widely used in various leathercraft, tailor patchwork, DIY, and much more. Suitable in holding fabrics together for quilting or sewing.

➡  DIY Bias Tapes in Minutes
✅  If you are making bias tape for appliqué or any sewing project, this sewing tool is for you! Choose the fabric pattern you like. Easily DIY your bias tape to make quilt binding seams, sewing, serging, crafting, fishing, and little projects, like placemats, bibs, armhole, neckline, applique, and so on. These quilting supplies work great for regular sewing, it will save lots of money not to buy bias tape from the store

➡  Handy and Ready To Go
✅  All items are neatly set in their slots. It comes with 4 different sizes of tape maker and simple instruction.

➡  High Compatibility
✅  The binder will fit most sewing machines that use a snap-on foot. Suitable for Brother, Janome, Kenmore, Singer, and Babylock machines.

➡  Practical
✅  The bias tape makers set of 4 sizes is perfect for adding to pillows, clothing, home furnishings, and accessories without needing to buy it pre-folded and restricted to certain colors. When folding the fabric in perfect half automatically, you would get creative and individual beauty for all of your sewing projects.

➡  How to Use
✅  Cut the end of your strip off at an angle of 45 degrees, which helps to insert to the tape maker.
✅  The wrong side up, feed the bias strip into the wide end of the tape maker, then use the awl to pull the fabric through.
✅  Pin the end of the strip to the ironing board.
✅  Pull the tape maker and press in folds, iron close to tape maker.

✅  Material: Metal + Plastic
✅  Size: 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm
✅  Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green


✅  6mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 12mm widths)
✅  12mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 24mm widths)
✅  18mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 36mm widths
✅  25mm Tape Maker (fit for fabric 46mm widths)

Sewing Bias Tape Maker Kit