Professional Wool Winder


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This wool winder is a must-have for any knitting or crochet enthusiast!

➡  If you love to knit, you need a wool winder! This handy tool lets you turn the thread into a yarn skein, which is much easier to work with. A wool winder does this faster than you can do it by hand, and it has the added advantage that you can pull the yarn off from both the middle and the outside of the skein, depending on your preference.

➡  It’s made of durable plastic in sand and red colors, with a metal handle and yarn arm. The clamp holds the wool winder securely in place. It’s 12 cm long, 9 cm wide, and 19 cm high.

➡  This yarn winder is a must-have for any crafter! It’s easy to assemble and use, with a handle that’s easy to clamp to your work surface. You can clamp the winder on table edges up to 4 cm thick.

➡  How to use
✅  Start by taking one end of your yarn and wrapping it around the yarn eye on the metal rod. Then, attach the yarn to the top of the spindle by threading it through the two small slots. Wrap the yarn clockwise around the spindle, holding the yarn from the yarn eye tightly with one hand while you turn the handle clockwise on the crossing device with the other.

➡  Quick and easy installation

➡  Package Include
✅  1 X Professional Wool Winder

Professional Wool Winder