Power Scrubber Pro


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Power Scrubber Pro


Clean smarter, not harder.

The Power Scrubber Pro was designed to tackle those unreachable, impossibly stubborn stains that just never seem to go away!

We’re talking oil and food that is baked into your oven.

Grout that is built up with dirt and grime.

Basins that used to be white.

Those hard to reach corners that are forever on the ‘to-do’ list!

It works by using a powerful cyclonic cleaning system with an easy reach handle – it will break down the outer stain cutting deep into the surface level dirt and grime.

Put less pressure on your wrists and the best bit is you can use it with your normal every day surface cleaner.



– Cordless rechargeable design
– 3 x custom heads for a heavy duty clean, normal clean and one to reach those tight corners
– Ergonomic smooth grip handle
– Wall mount for easy storage