Plant Grow Lights: Full Spectrum Lamp For Plants Growth


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Plant Grow Lights: Full Spectrum Lamp For Plants Growth
Plant Grow Lights: Full Spectrum Lamp For Plants Growth

Grow Strong, Happy, And Thriving Plants Indoor

✅  SpectGro offers a complete range of red, blue, white, infrared and ultraviolet LED chips for optimal plant performance for all kinds of plants, flowers and vegetables at all stages of growth.

✅  Suitable for Indoor Plants/House Plants, Greenhouse, Horticulture, Microgreens, Seedlings, Succulents, Medicinal plants and Grow tents.

✅  SpectGro has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing.

✅  Maximize photosynthesis of your plants. Our advanced LED’s and micro chip design ensure that your plants receive maximum light absorbency without wasting energy.

Our ‘Targeted Spectrum Technology’ ensures optimal light spectrum emission without emitting unnecessary amount of light that the plant cannot absorb (wasted energy).

Why You Need SpectGro?

✅  Full-spectrum light provides plants in the Veg and Flower stages with everything they require for optimal growth and flower production.
✅  Hybrid grow light utilizes COB technology ensures deep canopy penetration and maximum light absorption
✅  The right balance between blue light for plants’ growthand red light for photosynthesis
✅  No more leggy plants, brown spotsand leaf burns
✅  Easy to set, extremely compact, lightweight and quiet. Ideal for small growing areas where space is an issue
✅  Proven workhorse in the professional grow light industry

Applications :
1. Suitable for Indoor Plants / House Plants, Hydroponics, Horticulture, Microgreens, Medicinal plants and Grow tents.
2. Suitable for seedlings, growing and flowering
3. Lighting time setup: Vegetative Stage:10-12 hours on; Buds/Flowering Stage: 8-10 hours on.

1* SpectGro Led Grow Light
1* Hanging Kit
1* Power Cord
1* User Manual