Pastry Lattice Cutter Roller


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✅  Quickly create a decorative lattice design for your pies, tarts or any pastries with this Pastry Lattice Roller Cutter !

✅  This dough cutter allows you to easily create professional-looking lattice pie crust tops, this cutter is a real time saver.

✅  It enables you to cut an attractive pastry covering from a single piece of rolled-out dough.

✅  Not only does it guarantee fast cuts, but it also ensures that they are precisely cut for a neatly appearance pastry creation every time!

➡  Quick Lattice Designed Pastry.
✅  Create perfect lattice tops for pies, tarts and more in seconds with a simple roll action!

➡  Time Saving.
✅  Create beautiful lattice crusts in minutes with this efficient rotary cutter, which eliminates intricate folding and crisscrossing while minimizing dough handling.

➡  Easy to Use.
✅  Simply roll this cutter over flat dough and use moderate pressure to instantly create an intricate lattice design, ready to adorn your baked goods.

➡  Various Pastry Creations.
✅  You can use it to create biscuits, cookies, chocolate, bread, cakes, pie, cake, tarts, pizza, etc.

➡  Durable and Long Lasting.
✅  Made of high impact plastic, this durable cutter is built to last, and when not in use, the hole positioned atop the handle provides efficient hanging storage.

➡  For home and commercial use.
✅  Perfect tool for pastry chefs, dessert lovers, and anyone who basically loves to bake and make pastries.

➡  Specifications
✅  Material: Food grade plastic
✅  Color: White
✅  Size: Large,Small

➡  Package Includes
✅  1 x Pastry Lattice Roller Cutter (Large)
✅  1 x Pastry Lattice Roller Cutter (Large)
✅  1 x Pastry Lattice Roller Cutter (Set 1 Large x 1 Small )

Pastry Lattice Cutter Roller
Pastry Lattice Cutter Roller
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