Nail Art Pen


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Make your ideas and imagination come to life and beautifully design your nail even without professional skills!

➡  The Nail Calligraphy Pen is the PERFECT tool to easily carry out your nail art tasks!

➡  Exquisitely draw artistic patterns and smooth lines into your nails with this nail art calligraphy pen. The 6 fine tips can be interchanged to best fit the design that you want to put into your nails.

➡  6 Pen Nibs to Choose From

✅  Different nib shapes offer you a variety to choose from to best fit ANY of the designs that you have in mind.
Dotted designs, Elegant contours, and eye-catching fine lines. There’s no limit to the nail art designs that you can make!

➡  Thick Barrel Design

✅  The thick barrel handle makes it easy to hold and allows you to carry out your nail art tasks carefully.

➡  Easy to Use

✅  Beginners and Pros alike will surely love this nail art pen. It’s so easy to use even someone who is a complete beginner can make wonderful, eye-catching designs! The Nail Calligraphy Pen works with any water-based acrylic paint or any nail polish you have on hand!

✅  The richly pigmented quality of these paints makes mixing and blending a dream, helping nail technicians to create beautiful miniature masterpieces!

➡  The PERFECT tool for nail artists!

✅  Take your nail art to the next level with the Nail Calligraphy Pen TODAY!

➡  Specifications
✅  Material: Metal
✅  Size: 13cm

➡  Package Include
✅  1 set Nail Calligraphy Pen
✅  1 x Fountain Pen Tip
✅  5 x Ball Tip

Nail Art Pen
Nail Art Pen