Multifunctional Geometric Ruler


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Use this multifunctional ruler to draw all graphics! Quickly, accurately, and create fascinating patterns!

➡  Multi-purpose
✅  Whether you are an artist, student, pattern maker or designer, this ruler is a good helper for your work or study; it can help develop your own manual skills and imagination.

➡  Details
✅  Various shapes can be drawn, the scale is clear, the sliding is convenient, the drawing is stable, it is not easy to be skewed, and it is easy to observe.

➡  Polyfunctionality
✅  Multi-function measuring scale can draw the required graphics, Such: Protractor scale, Y spool, Function drawing slot, Circle hole with radius mark, X spool, Polygonal hole, Circle arc, Short-drawn wire slot, Active short ruler, Parallelogram, Built-in triangle ruler, Oval hole, Straightedge, etc.

➡  Design
✅  14 geometric figures of different shapes are placed on a ruler, which is very convenient to carry, can meet your different needs in daily use and is convenient for measurement.

➡  High-quality Material:
✅  Made of high-quality plastic. Lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. The transparent material allows you not to ignore some important numbers or words when drawing.

➡  Specifications
✅  Product Weight: 50G
✅  Product Size: 20 × 9 × 1cm / 7.9 × 3.5 × 0.4inches
✅  Material:Plastic

➡  Package Contents
✅  1 X Multifunctional Geometric Ruler

Multifunctional Geometric Ruler
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