Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set


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➡  These Detail paint brushes sets are suitable for art painting, gouache, acrylics, watercolor, oil, miniatures, models, nails. Perfect for artists, students, professionals, beginners. Natural hairs are not suitable for face painting.

➡  Versatile Brush Set
✅  These detail paintbrush sets are with 9 popular sizes. Can be used for strokes, shaping, filling small areas, linings, fine details, and lettering, etc.

✅  Strong Ferrules are chrome-plated copper and double crimped. Sturdy and durable.
✅  Triangular Wood Handles are comfortable to hold and easy for precision control.
✅  Detail paint brush set contains 9 popular sizes

➡  These art paint brushes can be used for art painting, miniatures, models, and nails. Perfect for artists, professionals, students, hobbyists, handicrafts, adults, and kids.

➡  Handle
✅  Quality wooden handle well polished.
✅  The triangular designed shape gives you a comfortable grip, NO MORE ACHINGS ON YOUR HANDS after holding brushes for a long time working on the details.
✅  The triangular design also gives you more control of precision.

➡  Ferrule
✅  Chrome-plated copper ferrule. More durable and sustainable.
✅  Double Crimped to the handle. STURDY AND NO WOBBLING.
✅  Anti-Shedding Technology, interlocked hair DO NOT STRAY OR SHED.

➡  Overall length:

➡  Package Included
✅  Set of 9 pieces

Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set
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