Mini Vacuum Cleaner


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Effortlessly Clean Hard To Reach Area On Sewing Machine With Ease!

➡  VacPro Mini Vacuum Cleaner safely remove lint, dust and jammed threads from the bobbin area of your sewing machine! This effectively prevents your precious sewing machine from jamming!

➡  Powerful Suction
✅  Designed with high suction power to absorb heavy dust and lint. Be it excess fabrics or dirt, VacPro deep clean hard to reach area with ease!

➡  Unique Design
✅  Built with unique dual cleaning nozzles- Flat and brush nozzle, designed to reach cervical and deep clean ANY narrow gaps without leaving scratches and damage! This VacPro Mini Vacuum Cleaner instantly makes the cleaning job a breeze!

➡  Portable & Lightweight
✅  Compact size that is easy to hold & use. Simply insert into USB port and kickstart the cleaning process! Noiseless and low power consumption!

➡  Easy To Clean
✅  Providing an effective filtration system. you can just open the dust collector and take the filter net out. The filter media can be washed clean with fresh water, then be reused.

➡  Keep Your Sewing Machine In Tip-Top Condition With VacPro Mini Vacuum Cleaner. Get Yours Now!

➡  Product Specification
✅  Material: ABS
✅  Color: Blue/Green
✅  Size: 14cm x 4cm
✅  Product power: 5W
✅  Package Include: 1SET VacPro Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Vacuum Cleaner
Mini Vacuum Cleaner
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