Liquid Carrying Cleaning Brush


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Liquid Carrying Cleaning Brush has made cleaning, washing and scrubbing an easy task. Just add liquid detergent in the handle through the inlet and you are ready to go for your cleaning job. Easily dispense the liquid with a gentle press of a button onto the item that you are washing then scrub the item clean.


With the long handle, you can wash dishes without getting your hands wet. You can also access hard to reach areas easily. The shovel-shaped head helps you to clean difficult areas easily. It would come in handy when washing water bottles, glasses, and other deep bottom containers. 

✅  Get Rid of Stubborn Stains Without Damaging Your Dishes

The long handle cleaning brush is suitable to clean all kinds of kitchen utensils. You can use it to scrub your bowls, pots, and pans without worrying about wire falling off or damaging them. Its brush bristles do not scratch your non-stick cooking pots. It removes stubborn stains keeping your utensils effortlessly clean. This cleaning brush is suitable to scrub your wooden spoons, sinks, and cookers too.


☑  Features

✅  Multi-functional

This cleaning brush performs multiple functions. It can clean all types of utensils as well as your cookers too. It also has a detachable head that allows you to replace the dishwashing brush with the dishwashing sponge. Having combined the two functions in one, this brush gives you a better and efficient cleaning experience.

✅  Easy to Use

With a click of a button, you can add liquid soap and clean your utensils effectively when using this brush. Using a narrow bottle mouth design to fill the brush with soap makes the process easier. It has a valve that allows the soap to spill on utensils for you to wash and closes up to stop the soap from wasting away.

✅  Easy to Clean

It is easy to clean and store the liquid long handle kitchen cleaning brush after you finish washing your dishes. You can put it under running water to clean the dirt away. Together with other utensils, hang it on a hook through the hole it has on its handle to dry up and store away.

✅  Good Quality

The liquid long handle kitchen cleaning brush is designed to withstand abrasion and corrosion. You can use it to scrub sticky pots and pans, and dirty cookers without damaging the brush itself. It cleans dishes thoroughly while it remains in good condition.

☑  Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 13.5 cm

☑  Package Includes

✅  1 x Liquid Carrying Handle

✅  1 x Brush Head

✅  1 x Sponge Head

Liquid Carrying Cleaning Brush