LiftSmart™ Panel Carrier


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STOP Breaking Your Back Lifting Drywall & Plywood?

➡  The LiftSmart™ Panel Carrier is the solution that makes carrying sheets of plywood, drywall, panels, and other large materials easier without scraping your hands on the edge.

➡  Grip and Carry:
✅  Plywood
✅  Drywall
✅  MDO or MDF Panels
✅  Melamine
✅  Tabletops
✅  Sheet Metal
✅  Other Large Panels & Materials

➡  Enjoy Life
✅  For just a few dollars, the LiftSmart™ Panel Carrier can make your job easier and reduce the risk of injuries to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands so you can enjoy a pain-free life.

➡  Make Your Job Easier & Safer
✅  Work smarter, not harder. This product makes awkward lifting and carrying of plywood and drywall easier and safer, giving you the ability to stabilize, balance, and control the materials you are lifting and carrying.

➡  Get More Done In Less Time & Effort
✅  Carrying large sheets of plywood and drywall is no longer awkward and difficult. This product allows you to be more efficient, getting more done in less time and effort.

➡  How To Use (Very Easy)
✅  The simple yet versatile design allows the clamp to grip onto a variety of sheets and panels like plywood and drywall.

1️⃣  Put the clip in the center of the top edge of the panel.

2️⃣  Grip the panel and lift: As soon as you start lifting, the clamp automatically adjusts to the thickness of the panel or sheet. The self-adjusting clamp holds the panels tight as you lift making it easier for you to carry heavy weight with one hand.

3️⃣  Carry to your destination: The self-adjusting clamp will continue to grip the panels until you lower it to the ground.

➡  Features
✅  Ergonomic Design – Designed for efficiency and comfort in the work environment
✅  Automatic Adjust – Self-adjusting gripper clamp makes it easier for one person to carry large sheets of plywood, drywall, and other large panels and material
✅  Special Rubber Gripper Pads – Protects the surfaces of the materials from being damaged or marred
✅  Heavy Duty – Made of premium materials, solid metal construction with durable impact-resistant handles
✅  Compact Design – Easy to use, carry, and store
✅  Weight Capacity 100 lbs / 45 kg

LiftSmart™ Panel Carrier