Laser Level: Right-angle Lasers Line Instrument


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Laser Level: Right-angle Lasers Line Instrument
Laser Level: Right-angle Lasers Line Instrument


➡  Doing a project without a laser is like going a day without coffee. Sure, you can get by, but it just isn’t easy. If you’ve never used a laser before, it’s time to level up.


➡  Simple Right Angle Alignment
✅  Handy and compact laser level tool that can generate two lines on the floor, wall, or other surfaces at 90-degree angles to help you square, align and angle at 90 degrees for surface layout including tile, picture, stone, brick, carpet, hardwood flooring and more.

➡  Double Bubble
✅  Double leveling bubbles provide accurate alignment of flat or straight, allow visual leveling reference points for leveling and aligning laser tool and wall.

➡  With Suction Cup
✅  Two suction cups allow the level square to be mounted onto the smooth surfaces (like clean glass and ceramic tile) with an alignment guide for 90-degree layout calculation.

➡  Simple Operation
✅  Simple one-button operation powers two perpendicular lines (90 degrees) on and off.

➡  Wide Application
✅  Projects accurate horizontal and vertical chalk lines on any surface. Perfect for woodworking, stair starting board, shelves, shelf, molding, tiled, or any other work that requires precise alignment.

➡  Specifications

✅  Product Weight:198g
✅  Color:Yellow
✅  Laser Wave Length:650nm
✅  Waterproof Level:IP54
✅  Accuracy:±3/8”/100ft
✅  Self-Leveling Range:±4”
✅  Battery 3 X Aa Batteries (Not Included)
✅  Product Size:19 x 10 x 5cm

➡  Package Contents
✅  1 X Right-Angle Lasers Line Instrument