GlamUp™ – Instant Eyeliner Stamp


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➡  Stamp and swipe for grand eyes!
✅  Creating cat-eye is never easy if you are using a normal eyeliner tip, you are gonna go crazy in making them look the same but they never would! We now have the GlampUp™ – Instant Eyeliner Stamp to solve your makeup problem. Stamp & Draw once, and you will have the most perfect flick ever!


➡  Perfect Flick
✅  With our specially designed heads, you can get the prettiest flick with just 2 steps.

➡  All-In-One Design
✅  Dual-end design with stamp and eyeliner in one, smart & convenient.

➡  Eye Lifting
✅  Instantly lift your eyes up like magic by just having the cat-girl flick.

➡  Long-Lasting
✅  Lasts for at least 12 hours so you can still go partying after work.

➡  Easy to Use
✅  No clumsiness. A stamp & line, good to go.

➡  Fits All Eye Shapes
✅  No matter which eye shape you have, the cat-girl flick still looks flawless on your eyes.

➡  Waterproof
✅  Stays awesome on rainy days, it is also oil- & smudge-proof as we always are ready for any situation.

➡  Package includes:
✅  1 x GlampUp™ Instant Eyeliner Stamp

Instant Eyeliner Stamp
GlamUp™ – Instant Eyeliner Stamp