Hydrate PRO Collapsible Water Bottle


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Hydrate PRO Collapsible Water Bottle

Our Hydrate PRO® Collapsible Water Bottle is a practical water bottle that is collapsible and easy to carry for your all-day journey to keep you hydrated! Designed with anti-scalding and anti-freezing features, making it the perfect choice for both everyday use and activities like travel, hiking, cycling, and more!

A large orifice makes it particularly easy to pour water in and out or add ice cubes once you remove the jug. The soft silicone is unbreakable that you don’t have to worry about hitting the bottle while performing exercises. Save more space on your backpack and get the perfect portable and lightweight water bottle!

✅  Portable – it is convenient to carry in your backpack, the bottle is foldable and lightweight with just 90g.

✅  Attachable hook – you can hang it outside your bags with the aluminum hook.

✅  Food-grade material is non-toxic and safe to use.

✅  Easy-grab design – our water bottle is soft in texture that can perfectly fit your hand shape making it easier for you to hold it while drinking.

✅  Heat and freeze resistant – this silicone bottle is durable to keep the temperature between -60°C to 250°C which is good for hot or cold drinks preventing any harmful chemicals from being released in extreme conditions.

✅  Leakproof design – the bottle cap is closely sealed to prevent any liquid leakage.

✅  Easy to clean – with a stain-resistant feature, you can clean it easily.

✅  The soft silicone body folds smoothly and effortlessly.

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
Capacity: 500ml
Size: 23 cm x 7 cm
Package includes: 1 pc water bottle