Hair Ball Perm Sleep Curler


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Hair Ball Perm Sleep Curler

Create Beautiful, Bouncy, Swoon-Worthy Locks!

This product is a perfect DIY tool for curly beautiful natural beach wave styles. It will give your hair a shiny like appearance and keep the curling style for a longer time. If you are looking for a simple and effective way to style your hair at home you should definitely get this silicon hair curler.

The product is suitable for both dry and wet hair and also for long and short. It saves your hair from split ends and protects it from heat damage caused by hot driers. With this hair curler, there will be no more visits to the salon. It will make you stand out in a crowd with your hair looking like it’s been done by a professional.


➡  Easy to use and clean
✅  You can use it at home to make your DIY hairstyle with simple steps, easy and convenient.
It is easy to clean, washable, and light. It can be reused several times so it is economical and practical.

➡  Great Choice
✅  This hair curler is lightweight, made in a compact size, and is an ideal hair curler for making curly hair. It can be packed in a small bag making it easy to carry around. It is suitable for travel and vacations.

➡  Soft Sleep Hair Rollers
✅  The hair curler is made from high elastic safe and super-light silicon which is soft for a good restful sleep. The hair curlers are comfortable and you can use them during bedtime. After rolling hair, sleep with a soft pillow and when you wake up, your curly or body hair wave will be done.

✅  Material: Silicone
✅  Color: Blue, Pink
✅  Size: L(23mm), S(18mm)

➡  Package Includes:
✅  10 x Hair Ball Perm Sleep Curler
✅  20 x Hair Ball Perm Sleep Curler
✅  30 x Hair Ball Perm Sleep Curler