Envelope Guide (Set of 4)


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Create Artistic & Unique Envelope Addresses & Invitations With These Templates!

✅  The digital age has its benefits but sometimes we wish things were just a little simpler giving a handwritten letter in the mail just isn’t this common anymore thanks to email but when you do get a letter in your mailbox doesn’t it feel special.

✅  The Envelope guide keep your handwritten letters lined up but it also has guide markers to align and space your letters just how you want them and you can use the edges to get creative and really make your envelopes stand out with hand-drawn designs it’s tempting to get your envelopes printed but a handwritten touch is so much more personal and with the Envelope guide you can give each envelope your own unique touch that will impress anyone pulling it out of their mailbox.

➡  No More Squiggly Words!
✅  Our Envelope Guide 4 piece stencil set is perfect to help you achieve address perfection on your envelopes! The stencils are durable and sturdy and you can use the stencils as a writing guide for more applications, including thank you cards, invitations, and artistic applications.

➡  Features
✅  The set comes with 4 different templates.
✅  3pcs are 5.7 x 4.5 inch which fit C6, B6, DL, ZL, C5 size letters
✅  1pcs is 4.5 x 8.7 inch which fits DL, ZL, C5 size letters
✅  Compatible with any type of wiring tool including brush pens and gel pen

📦  Package Includes
✅  4 x Envelope Addressing Guide Stencil Templates

➡  Specifications
✅  Material: Plastic
✅  Size: 3 templates are 5.7 x 4.5 inch; 1 template is 4.5 x 8.7 inch
✅  Color: Translucent

Envelope Guide (Set of 4)