DIY Magic Embroidery Pen


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Create beautiful embroidery Artwork with little or no experience!

✅  Make your next embroidery piece so much simpler with our Magic Embroidery Pen! Simply thread the punch needle and by using a punching action you can create intricate designs in minutes!

✅  You can create standard designs as well as unique 3D designs with the Magic Embroidery Pen! You can also embroider on any type of fabric, clothing, tablecloths, napkins, towels, quilts… the possibilities are endless! Have fun doing punching techniques and create your own unique embroidery designs for the holiday season!

➡  How to use the embroidered punch needle?

✅  1. Insert threader into needle shaft until the folded end of the wire appears at the other end. Place thread inside the wire loop.
✅  2. Put threader back through the needle shaft emerges from the needle tip. Remove thread from the threader.
✅  3. Insert threader through the eye from the back (rounded) side to the front (beveled) side. Place thread inside the wire loop.
✅  4. Pull the needle eye. Remove thread from the threader, leaving enough thread.
✅  5. Repeat the process. A beautiful piece of artwork can be done.

➡  Details:
✅  Needle Size: Small, medium and large
✅  Handle Length: Approx. 4.7inch / 12cm
✅  Threader Length: Approx. 7.2inch / 18.3cm

➡  Package Includes:
✅  1 x Magic Embroidery Pen
✅  2 x Needles

DIY Magic Embroidery Pen