Sit and Spin Toys: Cute Sit and Spin Top Toys For Kids (3 Pcs.)


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👶 These sit and spin top toys are so cute! Your babies and toddlers will love these top toys! 👶

Development concept :

Three-color interactive design, cute animal shape. Let babies perceive the charm of balance, rotation, and time in the game. It can divert the baby’s attention and reduce the child’s emotional stress. At the same time, it can increase the fun and exercise the brain to help children grow.

High-quality :

The top toy uses a high-quality food-grade soft silicone, which is more comfortable when playing, easy to grasp, will not harm children, and is safe for children. It does not contain any harmful substances, is soft and durable, and can accompany your child for a long time so that your child can play with confidence.

Sensory stimulation :

The soft rubber suction cup at the bottom can absorb any flat surface, which is convenient and firm, and the baby is also easy to move. Just install the rear suction cup when needed, and children can play by gently rotating the suction cup. Grasping, adsorption, rotation, and other movements during the game can help improve the baby’s hand-eye coordination and exercise fine hand movements.

Special design :

Smooth shape, no burrs and corners, and take care of baby’s tender hands. A variety of colors and animal shapes attract children’s attention and easily arouse their interest.

The perfect gift for children :

Our spinning top toys are suitable for all kinds of places. You can suck them on glass, walls, floors, bathtubs, etc. It is a playmate for children, and can also be used as a decoration to decorate children’s playgrounds. It is also the most suitable gift for children, suitable for all kinds of holiday gifts, including birthdays, Christmas, etc. Special gifts bring lasting happiness to your children!

Specification :
Material : TPE(food grade)
Weight : 85g each
Age : 6-month +
Design : Animal Set (Fox, Koala, Lion) / Insect Set (Bee, Butterfly, Ladybug)
Dimension : as shown in the picture

Package Includes :
1 x 3Pc. Set of Cute Spinner Toy

sit and spin toys
Sit and Spin Toys: Cute Sit and Spin Top Toys For Kids (3 Pcs.)
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