Chainsaw Sharpening Kit


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Properly Maintain Your Chainsaw Blade

Chainsaws are incredibly helpful tools, but improper care for them can lead to dull or jammed blades which can result in life-threatening injuries or even worse. Our Chainsaw Sharpening Kit is here to make sure that never happens.

Military-Grade Materials: Our high-speed steel grinding heads have incredibly high hardness, high wear resistance, high heat resistance, and high impact resistance.

Versatile & Easy: It can be easily screwed into an electric grinder and can quickly and easily sharpen chains and serrated blades.

Helpful Guides: Included in the kit is a helpful angle guide that will ensure that you are always using the proper technique and getting the best sharpening angles.

Note: This product is an electric grinding accessories kit, and it should be used with an electric grinder.

Chainsaws, like any blade, are always safer when sharp and properly cared for. Our kit will get into every serrated nook and cranny to ensure that your machine is operating at its highest performance.


Size: 70*50 mm
Material: High-Speed steel
Color: Black
Weight: 41g
Sharpening Attachment Length: 70 mm
Ruler Length: 70.09 mm

1 * Sharpening Attachment
3 * Polishing Tools
1 * Ruler

Chainsaw Sharpening Kit