Car Wiper Repair Tool


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Enjoy your Windows free from Annoying stains!

Tired of having to buy new Wipers all the time?
With this tool, your wipers will last 5x more!


“I’m amazed. This worked! I have terrible wiper blades and I used this tool today, I washed my windshield and it was clear. The most important thing is I’m saving a lot of money using this tool. Highly recommended.”

Mark R.

✅  Safer and clean view: With this easy-to-use windshield wiper sharpener, you can have a clearer and safer view on the road whenever you want!.

✅  Economical: Up to 5 pairs of wipers – this saves you money and helps protect the environment from excess waste.

✅  Easy to handle: With the regroover, your wipers will work like new in a few minutes.

✅  Universal: The wiper cutter can be used with most good quality wiper blades
✅  High-Quality : The high-quality repair tool is produced in Germany and is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people

➡  How does it work?

➡  Package Included:
✅  1 x Windscreen Wiper Blade Cutter

Car Wiper Repair Tool