Camping Sleeping Pad with Built-in Pillow


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What is Air-Sleeping Pad Pro?

It’s critical to pack a perfect sleeping pad for comfort and warmth when you are camping, trekking, hiking, or any outdoor activities. With its design of 144 air cells and 3 chambers, our sleeping pad is lightweight, portable, and incredibly compact for storage. It inflates within seconds with just a few breaths and deflates to fit inside of your backpack.

Why Exactly Do You Need Our Sleeping Pad?

A sleeping pad is highly recommended when camping and sleeping outdoors. Great sleep in the backcountry can be surprisingly tough to come by especially if you choose the wrong sleeping pad. Packing our top-notch sleeping pad will help you take your backcountry sleep game to the next level.

To say the least the Super Light Sleep Pad offers these benefits:

  1. Extremely Durable dual-layer material for ultimate resistance
  2. Super compact compared to the size of a regular water bottle
  3. Maximum comfort from the ground (rocks and roots)
  4. Built-in pillow for a proper cushion for your head and neck
  5. Prevents heat loss through conduction
  6. Lightweight for maximum comfort and Relaxation wherever you go
  7. Water repellent nylon material makes it hydrophobic and super quick to dry

A Must have for every adventure!

Not Just Camping, our sleeping pad will be the first thing you will pack with you when you go for your next adventure!

Hiking: It’s always better to have more when Hiking, but the question is how much you can carry with you. Because our sleeping pad weighs at around 500g you can definitely pack more!

Beach & Picnics: Hear the words “Beach” or “Picnic” and you will think of laying down on a towel or sitting on a blanket. The towels and blankets are not designed for those activities. Our sleeping pad will be your first choice even at the beach and picnics.

The portability and light weight makes our sleeping pad versatile. Get creative and use it in an endless number of ways you can think of. Going on a road trip? Why not keep it in the trunk of your car in case you feel sleepy on the road? Backpacking Trip? Just keep it in the backpack. Have some guests and you don’t want to sleep on the couch? Well, Sleeping pad to your rescue!

Camping Sleeping Pad with Built-in Pillow
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