Button Sewing Presser Foot


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Say Goodbye to Complicated Sewing Button

Buttons make a functional closure and are perfect finishing for various projects. However, sewing buttons by hand is time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes lack the uniformity needed. Fortunately, Button Sewing Presser Foot has come to your rescue.

Boost Your Sewing Skills with Confidence!

Showcase your sewing prowess with this easy-to-use presser foot. With an easy installation process and digital manuals, you will quickly identify its functions for fast learning.

This product is fit for various brands like White, new Home, Elna, and several low shank snap-on sewing machines. It’s great for sewing buttons on pants, shorts, skirts, and many more.

➡  Features

✅  Snap-On Installation – Installing this presser foot is easy and quick. You don’t need special skills to get the job going. The digital color manual is easy for the identification of its uses. This is to help you learn and get the most out of the device.

✅  Great Gift – This presser foot is a perfect gift for both experts and novice sewers. It’s a popular presser foot that comes at an affordable price. Its top-quality construction and ergonomic design ensure durability.

✅  Easy to Use – This Button Sewing Presser Foot provides you with ease of use for projects that could be extremely tedious when done by hand. With this device, sewing buttons become easier and quicker. Insert the beading needle in the hole of the device to leave some space between the fabric and button.

✅  Utmost Quality – Your clients and loved ones deserve nothing but the finest efforts. The Singer Button Sewing Presser Foot is designed for top-notch craftsmanship for stunning results. The product construction ensures it’s unbelievably easy for you to use. More so, it offers compact storage and portability for the best functionality.

✅  Compatibility – The Presser Foot is not only of high-quality but also highly compatible with several sewing machine brands like Brother, Elna, Toyota, Kenmore, and various home sewing machines.

✅  Non-Slip – Button Sewing Presser Foot is designed with a rubber part that will hold the button in place when sewing. This prevents mishaps and assures uniformity of the buttons.

✅  Organizer Case – The storage case will protect the gadget from climate exposure and accidental drops. The snug-fitting and reliable lid ensure you travel with the presser foot without the fear of the content spilling.

➡  Technical Specifications
✅  Weight: 20g
✅  Color: Clear and Blue

➡  Package Includes:
✅  1 x Pcs Button Sewing Presser Foot

Button Sewing Presser Foot