Banana Hair Clip


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Create A Classy And Elegant Ponytail In Seconds!

➡  Are you bored of wearing the same ponytail every day but still recognize the convenience of sweeping all your hair into a quick ponytail? Get this Banana Hair Clip and enjoy an updated ponytail look!

➡  The Banana Hair Clip is a convenient hair accessory that will tidy up your hair in seconds! It creates a stunning hairstyle that looks just like a ponytail but instead of appearing just like your standard pony, you’ll be left with something that looks like a horse’s mane, trailing down the back of your head.

➡  Features

✅  Flexible French Banana Clip Clincher: It creates a ponytail hairline mark suitable for thin or thick hair.

✅  Fashionable Non-Slip Hairpin Holder For Creating Hairstyles: It makes a high or low ponytail with no hair puffiness.

✅  Multi-Usage: Suitable for any type and color of hair and can also be used as a flexible grip for clip in wig extensions. It’s a perfectly safe grip accessory for girls.

✅  A Simple, Casual Hair Tool For An Active Lifestyle: For work, school, office, or parties; use for makeup application, washing the face, or applying a face mask.

➡  Specifications
✅  Weight: 10g
✅  Material: Metal & Alloy

➡  Package Include
✅  1 x Banana Hair Clip

Banana Hair Clip
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