Sewing Kit For Sewing Artists – 98 Pcs.


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Everything For Sewing All In A 7.8″ x 5.5″ x 1.18″ Bag. A Bag Of Wonderfulness For A Passionate Sewist!

Benefits Everything A Sewist Absolutely Needs:

No More Mess All-Around: This 98Pcs Sewist Set Is All Organized & Handy With Almost All The Sewing Tools A Sewist Needs (Total 98Pcs)
sewing kit

STOP Losing Your Needles And Other Sewing Tools Again And Again. Sewing Becomes Super Simple & Easy When You Have The Right Tools At The Right Time And Can Be Done With Speed.

Sew Anytime Anywhere With This Organized, Compact & Easy To Carry 98Pcs Sewist Set.

High Quality And Durable: Made Of High Quality And Durable Materials And Built To Last. if at any point within 30 days from your delivery date you have any quality issues with the kit, we will replace it at no cost!

98Pcs Sewist Set Includes:

22 X Coils, 2 X Colorful Coils, 1 X Gold Tail Needle Tray, 30 X Gold Tail Needles, 1 X Magnifier, 3 X White Buckles, 3 X Black Buckles, 3 X Buckles, 2 X Threaders, 1 X Looser Clip, 1 X Pen, 1 X Disassembly Device, 1 X Plating Eyebrow Clip, 2 X Metal Thimbles, 1 X Scale, 1 X Scissors, 1 X Measuring Tape, 1 X Ferrule Bag, 1 X Nail Clippers, 1 X Tightener, 1 X Green Sweater Needle, 1 X Eyebrow Clip, 1 X Earpick, 5 X Pearlite Needles, 5 X Big Pins, 1 X Pin Drum, 5 X Pins, 1 X Black Storage Bag

Sewing Kit For Sewing Artists
Sewing Kit For Sewing Artists – 98 Pcs.