5-in-1 Dog Shower Head


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➡  Grooming your furry friend is easy with the 5-in-1 Dog Shower Head! It’s crafted from high-quality ABS material and can be used as a shower head sprayer, Scrubber, Massager, Shower Gel Dispenser and a Comb for your pet’s fur! It features a switch to apply the pet shower gel and rinse water during the shower time. Your sidekick will be so fur-esh and so clean when you’re done grooming him!

➡  Multi-function Pet Grooming Brush
✅  It can be used as a shower sprayer, a massage tool, and a comb. Not only effectively with shampoo dispensing clean pet’s body, but also massage dog body during bating, and then comb pet’s hair.

➡  Convenient to Use
✅  You can only use one hand to handle the bottom to control water only flow, control water and shampoo mix (foam flow) flow and turning off. It’s very convenient.

➡  Ergonomic Creative Design
✅  Surface textured design can effectively increase the friction between the hand and shower. Non-slip and easy to hold.

➡  Easy to Clean
✅  After you have done brush your pet dogs, only simply flush the brush with water.

➡  Easy to Install
✅  The shower hose can be easy connected without complicated installation.

➡  Specification
✅  Made of durable and sturdy ABS material.
✅  Open the rubber stopper to add pet shower gel on the top of the shower head.
✅  Press down on the side switch to choose Water+Foam or Water Only.
✅  May be used as a shower head alone, or as a comb for your pet’s fur.

➡  Package Include
✅  1 x 5-in-1 Dog Shower Head

5-in-1 Dog Shower Head
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