3rd Generation Ultimate Gel Pads Holder


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3rd Generation Ultimate Gel Pads Holder


😱 These Stickers Let You Stick Anything Anywhere! 😱

➡  How useful are these gel pads holder for everything! Without glue, screws, or magnet you can use these gel pads to hang your mobile phones, cameras, keys, etc. anywhere. A universal holder.

➡  The multifunctional gel pads are made of strong, durable, and malleable nano-rubber, harmless to the body and reusable. To remove the pads, simply peel them off like a band-aid and there will be no leftover residue or damage to whatever you stuck it on.

➡  Plus the pads are completely safe to use under direct sunlight and high temperatures so no worries about the pads having less effect in certain weather conditions.

✅  No residue after use.
✅  Easy to clean – without detergent and cloth, these multifunctional gel pads can only be repeatedly rinsed and air-dried with water, then the pads will return to their original use effect
✅  Versatile use – with new nanotechnology (no magnet included) and adaptable material, the gel pads can hold on all surfaces without glue, screws or magnet
✅  You can hold a mobile phone, tablet, kindle, navigation, camera, speaker, water cup, keychain on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinet, tiles, car, house wall, etc.



✅  Weight limit: hold up to 11 lb / 5 kg.
✅  Nano elastic material: ultra-sticky, strong, flexible and anti-skid.
✅  2 pads: 2 different pads in each package.
✅  Fix anything to anywhere: phones, cameras, keys, tablets, pictures to almost any material.
✅  Temperature resistance (high & low).

📦  Package Include:

➡  1 x 2pcs Ultimate Gel Pads Holder.